Thursday, April 12, 2007

If my life had a soundtrack, this would be on there

I love this video.
It's so cute, and funny, and kinda poignant too.
Probably most of you have already seen it, but if not, here, go take a look.
The lyrics are kind of hard to catch, so I'll put them here for your convenience:
(I believe the video was done by Bernard Derriman; not sure about the song or the lyrics. If any of you know, leave me a comment so I can give proper credit.)

Everyone else has had more sex than me.
Everyone else has had more sex than me.

Everyone else has had more sex than me.
Does anyone else get that feeling?
Teenagers naked,
Couple and threes
Grandparents swing from the ceiling.

Everyone else has had more sex than me.
Everyone else has had more sex than me.

Corporate capers and office amore.
Shenanigans outdoor and in.
Resist and then later your find out there's more
Regret in not doing the sin.

All lives have to die
Of that there's no help
My favourite way to end them
Is the orb-weaver spider's whose pedipalp
Enters the female pudendum.

Then dies on the spot
His corpse there still stuck,
Left for his rivals to curse at.

He would rather die than not get to fuck
Personally I reckon it's worth it.

Everyone else has had more sex than me.
Does anyone else get that feeling?

Everyone else has had more sex than me.
Does everybody else get that feeling?



Morgen said...

Does this mean you now have a Jackrabbit on your Froogle wish list???

Or was that a smitten?

I now know TWO Passion Partie representatives who can discretely hook you up.
Much more discretely than me publicizing your interest in a smitten here, of course.

Janna said...

Morgen: Temptress!!

Steven said...

Does sex require more than one person?

Steven said...

By the way, that banner is really freaking me out! You're really going for that award, aren't you?

Janna said...

Steve: 1) The kind of sex the song is talking about, yeah, that requires more than one person.
2) I'm embracing my inner freak.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I would sex you up but I am too far away.

Matt-Man said...

Sex is way overrated. Yes, I am lying, but saying that makes me feel better.

Morgen said...

Steve: if you had a Gigi, you wouldn't even ask that question...

Janna: that banner is REALLY freaking me out...

Lynda said...

Well, I suspect the bunny isn't getting any because of the onesie. I won't speak for anyone else.

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: That's sweet... I think...

Matt-man: Thanks for trying. :)

Morgen: I'm embracing my inner freak.

Lynda: I never wear onesies.

onionboy said...

why do you people have such a hard time saying "Yes"? sex is not accomplished by thinking, if someone you don't know (or even if you do know them) is talking to you, they want one of three things:
1. to have sex with you
2. your money
3. give their religion money
well probably all three

sheesh, no one ever got laid wondering if that person was interested...

Janna said...

1) "You People"????
2) Believe me, it's not because I am being unreasonably picky. It's because the offers are simply not coming in.
3) Which means apparently the people I speak to must want my money instead of my ass.

Cincy Diva said...

(with a link back to you of course!

Janna said...

Cincy Diva: Feel free! I LOVE this video! :)