Sunday, April 1, 2007

Good Cartoonists, Please Ignore Me

I loved the comic strip The Far Side.
Then its creator, Gary Larson, retired.
I loved the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes.
Then its creator, Bill Watterson, retired.
This makes me reluctant to admit that I love any other comics, like Dilbert.
Scott Adams, if you're reading this, forget I said anything.


Desert Songbird said...

Hubby and I loved Calvin and Hobbes, and this was even before we had kids. Calvin reminds me of my son (Good Lord!).

Janna said...

Desert Songbird: Yikes! Good luck! :)

Morgen said...

Yes, I still miss Calvin & Hobbes and the Far Side... so, then I got into Foxtrot.
Yep, you guessed it - the cartoonist retired. WTF? I cancelled my newspaper subscription. I'm not getting suckered into liking any more newspaper comic strips.
I'll stick with my online Savage Chickens. If Doug Savage "retires" I may have to commit henny-carry.
Or go cluck myself...

Mr. Fabulous said...

Holy crap...more proof of a psychic link. I just finished a series of posts that will run this month in Directives about comic strips. In one I talk about how I love Dilbert, and in another (or maybe the same one) I talk about how I miss C&H and The Far Side.

Take me.

Lynda said...

I had a stuff tiger like Hobbes. I have a C&H's cartoon on my fridge too. LOL.

At least with the internet, you can get reruns. Well, not of the Far Side....

Janna said...

Morgen: The Foxtrot guy retired TOO??? Dammit, what's going on here?!

Mr. Fab: Of COURSE I know what's going on in your head... I'm one of your alternate personalities, remember?
...Oh, that's right... You don't.

Lynda: Yes, thank goodness for the internet. Some people use it for porn, some use it to get reruns of cartoons.
(Note: I'm one of the CARTOON people, in case a BlogLog person is reading this!!)

Bob said...

Morgen: Bill Amend didn't retire. He just dropped the daily FoxTrot strip, and is now only doing Sundays.

Everyone: If you love Calvin and Hobbes and FoxTrot, look into a strip called Frazz by Jef Mallett.

Janna said...

Bob: Thanks for the correction! I still miss the daily Fox Trot, though... I liked Jason and Quincy. Quincy was the cutest iguana I've ever seen. :)