Saturday, April 21, 2007

A few random thoughts

1) In a few minutes I'll be on my way over to deal with the fetid pit of bureaucracy again... I hate that. I've been trying to get a certain problem taken care of for quite awhile now, and it feels like I'm talking to a brick wall. (I realize none of you know what I'm talking about. Just trust me.)

2) My leg is still sore from yesterday when that big heavy bottle fell on it. I've got a bandage over the gouge, and am waiting to see how big the bruise gets. The gouge happens to be "J" shaped, so I guess it was nice of the bottle edge to at least carve my own initial into me. Thoughtful.

3) My nails are currently painted metallic forest green, with pink criss-crossing stripes. It fits my mood.

4) Why the hell would ANYONE ever eat PLAIN yogurt??? It tastes like crap!

5) I wish I lived near the ocean, so I could go out and look for cool seashells at low tide.

Ok, I guess that's it for now.
Wish me luck with the bureaucratic alien demons from hell.


Lynda said...

Plain yogurt tastes okay in No Pudge Brownie mix with vanilla extract added in to get rid of the crappy plain taste.

Good luck with the aliens.

Desert Songbird said...

Plain yogurt is supposed to be interchangeable with sour cream, but I don't buy that. The only time I've used plain yogurt is when I flavor it with other stuff.

So sorry the leg is still bunged up. Hope it heals rapidly.

Hope you gave the bureaucrats hell!

Travis said...

I'm trying to figure out what mood is signified by green metallic nail polish and pink stripes.

Plain yogurt is evil - avoid it at all costs.

Morgen said...

why eat plain yogurt when they make the peach smoothie drinkie ones that are so dee-lish?

I know what you're going throught with those BSing Assholes. I hope you're documenting EVERY conversation with them, because if nothing happens soon on their part you need to get a lawyer. They are getting ridiculous, and my opinion is they're stalling hoping that you just give up.

Like I said: document everything (hey, I wasn't a Human Resource manager for nothing, ya know!)

And don't say "I can't afford a lawyer" ....
for this type of work, there are public defenders or pro bono (not Sunny Bono, PRO bono) people or ACLU dudes or something.

Mr. Fabulous said...

What would you do with the seashells?

Plain yogurt is excellent for fellating bananas in videos.

Janna said...

Lynda: But if you mix yogurt in with brownie batter, then it doesn't really qualify as "plain" yogurt anymore. I mean plain unflavored yogurt, straight out of the container. Bleccchhh!

Desert Songbird: The leg seems to be hurting more than it should, for some reason. I hope there isn't more damage than I'm aware of!

Travis: A metallic green and pink-striped mood, of course.

Morgen: I never dreamed there would be this much bureaucracy involved. Really I am growing to hate these people.

Mr. Fab:
(1) I would love them and kiss them and gently caress them and pretend they loved me too.
(2) In your video, you said it was VANILLA yogurt... that's not as bad as plain yogurt. I could easily fellate a banana with vanilla yogurt any day. In fact...
Oops. Forget I said anything.

Lynda said...

Well, I am with you on that one!

Janna said...

Lynda: So what exactly IS "No-Pudge Brownie Mix"??

Lynda said...

It is brownie mix you can buy that makes the brownies almost fat free. Entirely fat free if you use fat free yogurt. I love brownies and they tasted like crap the first time I tried them about 8 years ago, but I really enjoyed them the last time I made them. If you try them, I recommend the cake version of the recipe which adds an egg white and lessens the amount of yogurt.

Anyway, they are fat-free brownies. LOL

Janna said...

Lynda: Ah! Interesting! I love brownies but I like the dense gooey chewy ones, instead of the fluffy cake-like ones.