Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

When I was a kid, there were often fun surprises to find at the bottom of cereal boxes. Fun, at least, in the eyes of a little kid. From an adult perspective, it was probably all worthless crap. Still, the cheap little toys were good amusement for a couple hours, at least. Sometimes there were "decoder rings", stickers, little plastic cars, figurines, and strange baking-soda-powered submarines that never quite worked the way the box said they would.
So, with that in mind, I bring you this list of
1) Viagra sample
2) Piece of sharp rusty metal
3) Raw shrimp
4) Plutonium bracelet
5) pocket edition of the Kama Sutra
6) Sample of "new Ex-Lax M&M's"
7) Invitation to Michael Jackson's house
8) Rat poison
9) Live bait
10) Jimmy Hoffa's left ear
11) Crystal Meth
12) "Fun With Salmonella" kit
13) Gunpowder and matches

(P.S. It would be especially bad to combine #1, 5, and 7).


Mr. Fabulous said...

I once got a used condom as a surprise inside my Lucky Charms, and at first I was bummed out, but then I realized I could re-use it.

Meloncutter said...

(snicker) Good ones.

Later Y'all

Morgen said...

yeah, what was up with those baking powder powered submarines, anyway???

they need to make the adult version of this -- you know, like a little prize at the bottom of the bag of donuts!

Desert Songbird said...

OMG - it's too early in the morning (for my time zone) to have encountered this list. I shoulda waited until after I'd finished my cup of tea!

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: Use it to butter your toast!

Meloncutter: Any day I can make you snicker is a good day. :)

Morgen: Or in Dorito bags, or pizza rolls, or ritz crackers...

Desert Songbird: I hope that means you laughed...

Jamie said...

Laugh out loud spit on the screen funny. Pass the Windex (It's in the cereal box).

Steven said...

That's it...I laughed so hard I spit! You are the queen. I bow down to you. However, I will never let you close to a cereal manufacturing plant.

Morgen said...

steve: aren't most of the cereal manufacturing plants in Michigan? I mean, Kellogs and Post? Can't you see Janna sneaking around the outside of the Frosted Flakes plant, trying to slip some explosive devices into the assembly line?

Janna said...

Jamie: LOL! Thanks for stopping by. :)

Steven: If I'm the queen, I can start my OWN cereal manufacturing plant!

Morgen: Explosive devices, no. Dead radioactive rats, ehh, maybe!

Claire said...

This most certainly tickled me!
And urgghh to Mr Fab!
You certainly have a thing for that Viagra!lol.

Janna said...

Claire: Thanks for stopping by! Yes, Mr. Fab is certainly one of the "urgghh" types. LOL. And what can I say, Viagra equals comedy. :)

Denise Patrick said...

Cute list. I remember all that stuff that used to come in cereal boxes, too. I remember wanting the cereal only for the cr. . .uh. . .prize inside.

Janna said...

Denise: Those were the days! :)

Juby said...

Hey what about 1, 7 and 11. Sounds like a good time...if I were in to..umm....Meth.

Janna, check your myspace or my response to you on my blog tonight! :-)