Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Still alive!

I'm here!
I'm here... I haven't died or fallen off the face of the earth or become frozen in a ditch somewhere. (So stop placing bets on how long it will take the authorities to find me).
I was gone for much of the weekend, spending the night at the apartment of some friends, after an interesting event which I plan to blog about later on. (Sort of a 'brush with fame', though "fame" might not be exactly the right word).
And when I got home on Sunday, I spent a couple days just thinking about various things.... about life in general, and various crap possibly to be discussed later.
Sorry I haven't blurfed much at all since Friday. Sorry I missed Manic Monday!!!
No doubt you were ALL SO worried about me, that the sheer terror of considering my untimely demise kept you from e-mailing to inquire....
("My god, we haven't heard from her since Friday! Is she dead?")
("Ehh. Maybe. Who the hell knows.")
("Say, did you know that if you die in your home, and your cats get hungry, they'll start eating you?")
("Wow, really? That's probably what happened. Someone go break into her house and check the litter box.")
("Let's place bets! Twenty bucks says the time of death was 10:00 pm on Friday. How about you?")
("Put me down for 12:00 noon on Saturday.")
("... Aw, look, everyone-- she just posted something. She's still alive.")
("Awwwww...." groan )


Peanut said...

dang! I placed a $100 bet for 5:30 Friday morning.......

Always on the Move said...

You beat me to it Peanut...mine was 8am on Saturday. And I thought it was the mice that were going to eat her. Not the cats! LOL!
Welcome back, yes, we missed you, of course we did!!!! Hahaha!

Travis said...

Welcome home!!

I placed no bets...couldn't get good odds. LOL.

Tag!! Have fun with that name thingy.

Cinderella said...

Hiya, i just came across your blog and thought i would leave a comment.

Your blog made me laugh. I was having a bad day and you cheered me right up!! Thanks for that!

Have a great day

xXx Lexy xXx

onionboy said...

um, you were missing? sorry, i didn't notice.

Morgen said...

My bet was 1:23pm on Sunday.

Steven Novak said...


It would have been so cool if your cats had eaten you. ;)