Tuesday, February 13, 2007

NOW I remember!

While in bed at 5:00 this morning, I suddenly opened my eyes and shouted "Pierce Brosnan! Pierce Brosnan!"
Unfortunately, this outburst had nothing to do with Mr. Brosnan being in bed next to me. Rather it was the fact that I finally remembered his name, after having forgotten it for an entire day.
I feel much better now.


slaghammer said...

That’s odd, my wife does that sometimes, always at the most inappropriate moments. I was wondering why she does that, now I know. ;-)

Pierce Brosnan said...

Thanks for the memories, babe.


Morgiana Le Fey said...


i think all of us women (and a few of the guys too!) have all wanted cause to shout pierce brosnan's name while in bed. in fact, if i ever had occasion to f*ck the brains out of that man, i would insist on screaming *both* his first and last name, just to reassure myself that one of my dreams has, in fact, just turned to a reality.