Monday, February 26, 2007

I don't even know the Pope... I swear

While perusing another blog over the weekend, I saw a post where someone Googled their name plus the phrase "was killed by". So you get to see how other people with your name died.
Morbid but still slightly cool, huh? Huh?
The thing is, not many people are named Janna (and even fewer people are named "Jannafer", which is my actual first name). Still, I tried the search, and found these two hits:

Janna was killed by Chancellor Touth
Janna was killed by a drunk driver

Ok, fine.
Next, the person Googled their name, plus the phrase "was LOVED by".
Unfortunately, there are no hits for the phrase "Janna was loved by"...
Which is kinda sad.
So, I decided to try variations on this theme.
First I tried Googling the phrase "Killed Janna".
Voila! 138 hits. Here are some of them:

Someone killed Janna and the police believe that someone is Zoe.
I only wish he had died before he could have killed Janna....
The morning after Cole killed Janna while under a spell, the sisters lit candles....
"He killed Janna. He must be punished."
Anyway, after that, Angelus killed Janna after she successfully translated the original curse.
I attacked and killed Janna and then tried to ressurect her.
He became Angelus and killed Janna, another daughter of the gypsies.

Then, reversing that, I Googled "Janna Killed"... only 9 hits for that!
Here are some:

We could etch it into the stone "Janna killed Us"
For some reason, I don't know what it is, but I think Janna killed Carmen.
the pope died the other day because janna killed him. (!!!!)
Janna killed three of my most skilled assassins.

(The Pope???)


Christine said...

I don't think I'll start that~ it would offend my delicate sensibilities to hear that I'm dead, already!

Morgen said...

You pope-murderer!
See, I guess all Americans ARE murderers!!!

with love and an axe in the head,
your graham cracker

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you think strange honey...
ha ha

smiles, bee