Monday, February 26, 2007

....And don't forget to 'carry the one' this time

Special code numbers for the aliens who are monitoring us:
1) 67,801
2) 3.45555
3) 2.000001
4) 29
5) 123
6) 6
7) 9,147,244
8) square root of 777777
9) 842 cubed
10) pi


Marie Antoinette said...

The cake association of America would like to say that the inclusion of pie in this list and not cake is a bigoted remark....

I'm sure that's a mock-apple pie, too, isn't it? Made with CRACKERS!

Janna said...

Marie: LOL! Yes, I'm just a terrible cake-hating person.
Unless it has a lot of frosting on it. (My favorite is chocolate frosting, but I'm afraid to admit that now!:)

Janna said...

By the way, I also discriminated by including decimals but NO FRACTIONS.
Dirty rotten lousy no-good fractions...

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

not enough commas for me...

smiles, bee

Travis said...

I wondered what that buzzing was.

Wait...did someone say CAKE???