Saturday, January 13, 2007


Remember yesterday, when I was all excited and sappy and grateful that I had such wonderful friends who would drive such a long way just to attend my birthday party?
Forget all that... none of them showed up.
Bob the band director was there for awhile, with his wife and kid, so that was nice, at least.
The only other people there besides the host (Jason) was a very tiny smattering of Jason's friends.
Of all the friends I personally invited, zero showed up.


Wayne said...

First off, Happy Birthday!
Second, If you just turned a very young 37, (long time since I was that!) This probably isn't your first let down. People are people. They mean well but don't always DO well.

Mel said...

Ah well....more fancy food for YOU!

Human beings are funny, eh?

Kinda smarts though, I'm sure.

Happy Birthday just the same!

Anonymous said...

I am SOOO sorry Janna. There ended up being a hole in my brake line and my fluid was almost empty and I couldn't get it looked at till today. I tried calling Jason's cellphone but only got his voicemail. I didn't know who else was comming for sure and figured that was the best way to get ahold of you. I really REALLY wanted to be there :-(.

Kyle said...

The "I'm soo sorry Janna" was posted by me..I hit the anonymous button on accident.

Morgen said...

Hi sweetie,
when you feel like a chat, just let me know.
I'm sorry you were disappointed -- hope you got lots of shrimp, though!
And hope you and Jason still had a good time together.
Try not to let it ruin your weekend,
love ya

Julie said...

I'm so sorry! Happy Birthday!!! My b-day gathering is tonight and I'm afraid the same thing will happen - although I did just tell everyone about it 3 days ago.

I want to commission you to add something to my current banner. Email me at julie (at) flipthisbody (dot) com.

NoMas said...

That just bites! I hope you had a wonderful birthday nonetheless.

NoMas said...

BTW - I came to your site from Morgan's.

Morgiana Le Fey said...

*bangs head on table* *lets out low moan* janna i'm sorry!

Nick Short said...

I read from the blog "Flip This Body" that you do very good banners. I'm not sure if my new blog, Jonny Rage ( one or not. Check out my blog and see for yourself. I need help.

Matt-Man said...

Sorry to hear that Janna...But Happy Birthday once more to you...