Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm thinking, I'm thinking....

(Note: Ok, I'm not gonna lie to ya, folks, it really really hurt my feelings that ZERO of my friends showed up on Friday. One or two missing might not have been a huge deal, but we're talking ZERO attendance from all the people I personally invited.
This came as a bit of a shock.
However, I'd like to try to move on to other topics, and maybe get my mind off the fact that the world sucks just a wee bit more than I previously thought.)

1) Look at the new banner and background I made! I was feeling "blue," so I went with a blue theme! I like it! I forgot how to wrangle it into the HTML, though, so for awhile there I was just about ready to scream. Nothing was working right. In fact, there are STILL some weird quirks I don't understand, like why each time I saved the template, it would delete something-- like a picture or a bit of HTML in the sidebar or the footer. Just *poof*, gone, deleted for no reason. It did that each time (it's never done that before today!!), and each time it deleted something different. Weird.
2) We had freezing rain last night (and today too), but so far have managed to retain our electricity here in Litchfield. Jonesville wasn't so lucky; at least 4000 people are without power there. (Including my mother!)
3) I would like to take this moment to announce that broccoli cheese quiche makes some really horrendous farts. You have been warned.
4) I tried the "Spicy Sweet Chili" Doritos! They're ok. They remind me of the barbecue flavoring that's on KC masterpiece potato chips. Definitely NOT Mexican flavored. Do not use these in nachos; I think it would be pretty gross. And of course they're not "hot" or "spicy", but I didn't expect them to be, either. They're just a sweet simple barbecue flavor.
5) While scooping the litter box, I am continually amazed at just how much poop can come out of three cats in such a short period of time.


R2K said...

: )

Mel said...

I'd ask just how much poop you scooped, but I'm afraid you'd tell! LOL

(And really--it's okay to let people know your feelings were hurt. What we do affects people, yaknow?)

Matt-Man said...

The Parker pens are sweet lookin'.

Morgen said...

Cool new background color & template.
I know I'm still on your shit list, but I wanted you to know I'm thinking of you.
I'm glad you still have power.
Yesterday, about 2pm our power flickered and I thought, "here it comes" but somehow it did NOT go out.

I'm back at the store today, with a severely attention-deprived Jazper.

Travis said...

Thanks for the safety tip in #3.

The blog looks great.