Friday, January 5, 2007

Musical ramblings

Hello, Friday!
I'm still listening to my wonderful A View To A Kill soundtrack... and have memorized many of the brass sections.
This weekend I want to finish composing/editing my band piece, since our rehearsal is on Tuesday. This means I must eventually STOP listening to my new CD and actually write some music of my own.
I hope I don't get too depressed when I realize that my own music is not quite exactly as good as the professional movie soundtrack...!
One of my 'dream' jobs has always been to be a professional composer. I'd love to work on soundtracks for really cool movies, either sci-fi or James Bond or some weepy chick-flick. (Normally I'm not much for chick-flicks because I hate watching romance, but the music is usually decent, especially during the tragic moments when people die horrible deaths).
So that's what I'll be doing this weekend.
(Composing, not dying a horrible death.)
(I hope).


Morgen said...

Only you would watch chick flicks for the horrible deaths and musical score.

Sometime we need to watch Big Eden together. It's a gay story, so not a chick flick... does that make it a dick flick? Well, no, cuz it's not porn... but I digress.
Good story, fun music, and even a death (just for you!)


Morgen said...

First = how did you do that drop down thingy for your blog archive???

Second = what the hell are you feeding your blogpets? Bruce looks like he's been dead for two days and wizziker is quite green around the gills -- er, stripes.

Janna said...

Morgen: The drop-down thingy is one of the Blogger options... just go to the page where you edit your layout, and click on 'edit', on the tab for the blog archive. It gives three options, one of which is 'dropdown menu'.