Friday, January 26, 2007

Breaking News

Wednesday night my VCR broke.
Thursday night my washing machine broke.
Tonight I am afraid to do anything!
Heck, for all I know, my comput834bb ';.,.,,==,,d,3,,,2222222222


Travis said...

Ruh Roh!!

Always on the Move said...

LOL, well not really, because that's not funny at all, that's actually reall sad isn't it! Why does it seem that everything tends to break or crash at the same time? And it usually ends up being around Christmas time or around that time where you are SOOO tight on cash, that you can't even treat yourself to something that you'd really like to have.
I hope that you'll have a better day tomorrow.
I found your link off of Natalie's blog. Looks good. I think I'll have to keep checking it out!

Travis said...

Janna - I hope you don't mind, but I linked you over at my blog.

And I've been thinking. The broken VCR is an opportunity to get a DVD player - they're cheap these days.

Threaten the washer with a large sledge hammer. Sometimes that works.

But sweet talk the 'puter!!!

Morgen said...

OH no!
Of course, the washing machine is the priority over the VCR....

Hope your 'puter is OK!

Cincy Diva said...

Bwahahahahahahhahaha! That was so funny! But I hope it doesn't happen for real!