Saturday, December 30, 2006

Weird dreams

(1) I dreamed that I was the star of some spy film (like the lady version of James Bond)...(Janna Bond?)
And at the end of the movie, when the credits rolled by, the theme music played.
I remember the lyrics because they made no sense:
"The big and large and Swedish dog
Which finds a home in God...."
And the music was a combination of Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey? and the theme to My Three Sons.

(2) Then I dreamed I was in some large assembly hall in Holt, Michigan. The hall had multiple rooms and I was in one with some guy and some lady. They were both studying or reading something. I noticed to my horror that there were some weird worm-like creatures on the floor. (I have scoleciphobia and I HATE WORMS!) I froze and let the guy know I was terrified. He seemed puzzled but obliged me by picking up the phone and dialing the number for an exterminator. Then he handed the phone to me so I could make the arrangements with the exterminator. I had to let the phone-person know where we were, so I searched for an address. This was easier said than done, because the address number kept changing. In addition to the building number, there was a room number posted on the outside of the door. First it was four digits, then I noticed actually it was five digits... and a moment later it had changed to six digits. And the numbers were different every time I looked at them. Sometimes they actually looked like letters instead. I couldn't explain to the exterminator-lady exactly where we were, which was really frustrating for me. Plus, I kept freaking out, hyperventilating and making terrified noises every time I saw one of the worms. Fortunately, the phone-lady remained courteous and patient, and eventually somehow they were able to find us. I moved to another room, and after awhile the exterminator guy came in and handed ME the bill.
I don't remember what the cost was, but I took it anyway. Hey, if it gets rid of worms, it's worth just about any price.


Aisby said...

I had weird dreams all night last night as well, but I attribute it to too much cheap beer.

Janna said...

Aisby: LOL! I guess I could attribute mine to frozen burritos and iced tea, but your version sounds more interesting. :)