Saturday, December 30, 2006

I can dream, right?

Eight things I know I'm not getting for my birthday
(but would still be neat anyway)
1) A nice fountain pen.
2) Dinner at Clementine's in South Haven, Michigan.
3) Year's supply of Frova (prescription migraine medicine)
4) Magic wand that would fix all my friends' relationship troubles.
5) A sweet guy who loves me and all my bizarre but endearing quirks.
6) Magic litter box that makes cat poop disappear
7) Shiny new nickel-plated double French horn by Lawson.
8) Sibelius music composition software.


Morgen said...

Define a "nice" fountain pen.
Are you talking under $50, or do you really mean one of the multi-thousand dollar limited edition collector pens that once was used to sign an execution decree in 1853?
Oh, never mind: I already have your birthday present!

You know, with my luck, the magics of the litter box & relationship wand would get mixed up, so when you pointed your wand at me -- big wet clods of kitty litter urine would shoot out at me. Cynical much, moi?

I hope you get at least one thing from your wish list! And if not THIS wish list, then your Froogle wish list, like the cat urine remover!

love ya,

Aisby said...

Happy Birthday to you Janna. I hope you get a few things from your list!

Janna said...

Morgen: A 'nice' fountain pen? I guess it means one that writes smoothly and looks pretty and durable. I've had pens that were $40.00 which broke easily, and yet I've had cheap $5.00 fountain pens (from e-bay) which wrote smooth as silk and have remained reliable for years.

Aisby: Thank you! It's not til January 11th, but I'm getting a head start on the whole "wishing" thing. :)

Speedmaster said...

Check out Lamy fountain pens, I love them. ;-)

Janna said...

Speedmaster: Hi! Actually I do have two Lamy Safari pens. (a yellow one with medium nib, and a red one with broad nib). They're lightweight plastic, which makes them feel kind of cheap in my hand, but they both write really well and I like them. I like the black-colored metal that the nibs are made from!

Morgen said...

good grief, people -- don't start this woman talking specific fountain pens... we'll be here all night! Oh, wait, we had nothing better to do anyway...

when are you gonna write about pen porn, Janna?

Mad Munkey said...

Hey, at least you picked an Aurora to fantasize about. :-)

Mo - the pen pictured retails for around $600. Limited Editions rule... :-)

Janna said...

Mad Munkey: Hi! Yes, I love Auroras. I don't currently own any, but I still think they're beautiful. I imagine they must write smooth as silk and have a good respectable heft to them. :)
If I was a zillionaire, my entire home would be filled with fountain pen treasures.