Sunday, December 3, 2006

Small means small

This evening I went to Burger King for dinner.
At the last minute, I decided a small order of onion rings sounded good.
(Yes, surely you all remember where I explained that I hate onions but like BK onion rings).
So I got those along with my cheap little burger.
Guess how many onion rings were in the package.
No, guess.
Give up?
Yes, a "small" order of onion rings equals six rings. (It did today, at least!)
I checked the bottom of the bag, thinking surely some must have fallen out.
Geez. Guess when they said 'small' they weren't kidding.


Morgen said...

effin Burger King

onionboy said...

there are no real onions in bk onion rings, just deep fried flavor