Saturday, December 2, 2006

Saturday ramblings

I'm still here!
Friday morning the frozen rain was coating all the trees, which was really pretty when the sun shone through them. The roads weren't too bad after a few hours, but the ice and strong winds did knock down a tree or two, plus there were a few power outages. Luckily, Litchfield kept its electricity on through the whole ordeal.
Today I'm writing from The Wren's Nest in Dowagiac, Morgen's lovely haven of perfect gifts for all your loved ones. Visit today!~(Morgen, do I get a percentage of the profits now?)
We had a lovely lunch from Saylor's, which included deep-fried macaroni and cheese. YUM. Sounds freaky but it's really good. That sound you're hearing right now is my arteries slamming shut.
I've met Jazper, Morgen's new kitty here at the store. He is sweet and friendly; I like him!
While I was here, the mailman brought a shipment of "softpaws," which are little claw-covers to put on the cat. (For people who for whatever reason don't want to have the cat surgically de-clawed). These softpaws are a bright holiday red; very festive. I'm sure Morgen will update us all on whether or not Jazper actually acquiesces to wear them.
There are lovely-smelling bars of homemade soap on the desk here, made by one of Morgen's vendors. My favorite is the one called "Green Irish Tweed". As Morgen commented once, it smells sporty, like a sexy frat-boy just got out of the shower. :) Other favorite soap scents here include Green Tea, and Raspberry & Orange. The whole store smells like a terrific mix of various potpourri-esque scents. The first thing I do upon entering the store is inhale. Well, ok, I pretty much inhale wherever i go, and occasionally even exhale too, but here at the store it's delightful.
Bye for now-- I may write more when I get home.


Kyle said...

I totally heart the smell of frat boys just out of the shower! :-P Oops..don't drop that

Morgen said...

I &heart Kyle for hearting the smell of frat boys just out of the shower!

This was the post I tried to comment on Saturday night, but the word verification box was blank.
This has happened to me before, not just here, but at other blogs.
So far, I'm not having any problems with NO word verification on my blogs.
I just delete the annoying link-comments (no, I don't need a louis voutton purse, thank you anyway)

today's word verification:

For choosing Hot Mike's illiterate lesbians...

(this was not to insult the dyke readers of Janna's blog -- illiterate lesbians was the first thing that came to my mind! Sorry!)