Tuesday, December 19, 2006

An old favorite

Yesterday (Monday) I made one of my favorite dishes-- and had it for both lunch and dinner.
I think I've mentioned it before; it's pasta coated with tabasco sauce and tossed liberally with grated parmesan cheese. (just those 3 ingredients, nothing else).
I invented this dish when I was a kid, and have loved it ever since.
I've never met anyone else who likes it! (Hey, I'm not weird, I just have "unique tastes." Yes... that's it. Unique tastes.)
It's great for those of us who love hot things. The pasta is really COATED in tabasco. Not a few measly drops, but a real generous coating on all sides. Then it's tossed with lots of parmesan cheese so each individual piece of pasta has its own coating.
With about 3 cups of pasta (lunch and dinner total), I used an entire bottle of tabasco. Yes, really! I started with a brand new bottle, and now it's completely empty.


onionboy said...

my nose is burning just thinking about it. ouch.

i don't even think bruce would eat anything that hot.

Matt-Man said...

Janna, gettin' hot and spicy!!

Kyle said...

Hey Janna, yes..you have wierd tastes lol. I'm not one for hot sauce..but I also eat ice cream with Milk..and everyone always thinks I'm crazy for doing it..but dammit...I love milk! :-P Miss you like crazy! Can't wait to see you next.

Steven Novak said...

My stomach is churning and my eyes watering jsut thinking about it.


I think not. :)


Aisby said...

That sounds absolutely like heaven!! I'll have to try it. I don't know about an entire bottle of tabasco, but I think I can manage at least half.