Sunday, December 10, 2006

More Random Things About Janna

46) It's been 17 years since I've been on a plane. I flew to Minnesota to visit a friend who was attending college there.
47) I don't like cream cheese on bagels. Nor am I fond of cream cheese frosting. Really, the only thing cream cheese is good for is cheesecake.

48) I love NutterButter cookies, dunked in milk. Mmmmmm.

49) I usually don't like Jasmine-scented things. The only exception I've found is this shower gel from Avon, called "Divine Time".

50) Sharks frighten AND fascinate me. I hope I never meet one face-to-face!

51) Guilty pleasure: That aerosol cheese-in-a-can stuff that squirts out onto crackers. Kinda gross when you think about it but still yummy. (I realize this probably qualifies me as white trash, but oh well. I DON'T squirt the stuff directly into my mouth like some college guys do-- so hopefully that earns me a few 'classiness' points).

52) I frequently have bouts of depression.

53) I liked everything about the movie
Labyrinth--- EXCEPT Jennifer Connelly. She seems spoiled and bratty to me, regardless of what role she's playing. Even in talk-show interviews her personality annoyed the hell out of me.


Matt-Man said...

I Love cheese from a can as well

Christine said...

I always wanted a shirt like Jennifer had in that movie, but was never able to find one.
My kids love Labyrinth as much as I do ~ when they were little, they were constantly asking me to "play the Toby movie!"

My sister used the ballroom music ("the world falls down") as their wedding dance song.

Morgen said...

Sometimes, you make me just smile and shake my head in wonder.
You won't eat Hellman's mayonnaise, one of the greatest foods ever created, but you'll gladly injest processed preservatives orange whiz in an aerosol can. Wow.

I love Labyrinth, too, by the way.
Almost as much as Hellman's mayonnaise.

ho ho ho

Steven Novak said...

Okay...the cheese in the can thing...

Kinda gross. ;)