Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Just what I wanted

You will all be happy to know that I have finally had my lime sherbet with cherry topping. Just a few minutes ago, in fact!
(Listen closely and you will hear my stomach saying "Ahhhhh. Mmmmm. Oooohhh.")
(Further gastrointestinal noises available upon request.)

Thank you to CincyDiva for providing the cherry topping recipe, and thank you to Morgian for actually making the recipe and bringing it to me on Tuesday.
You guys rock.

Amazing person that she is, Morgian even brought me a bag of Kettle-cooked jalapeno potato chips. I haven't tried them yet but am looking forward to it. (They're Meijer-brand-- Morgian says they're spicier than Krunchers!)

I have at LEAST enough sherbet and topping to last 3-4 days. This means-- yes, of course-- lime sherbet w/cherry topping on Thanksgiving! WooHoo!!!

This whole thing has inspired me to try inventing my own cherry topping recipe-- something tangy and tart and juicy with just the right amount of zingy sourness... I'm thinking of adding lemon juice and/or lemon zest for an extra kick. Hey, maybe I could even try adding some amaretto... ("Litchfield woman gets drunk on cherry topping, approaches strangers and makes indecent proposals involving lime sherbet... details at eleven.")


Morgiana Le Fey said...

hey, i never thought of the whole lemon juice thing...glad you enjoyed yourself (.= i likes cookin', and i likes helping my friends out with their random cravings (.-;; blog on, i truly am addicted. you're so gosh-dang clever.

onionboy said...

so since you dropped the Litchfield word, and since I spent some formative years in Coldwater (4yo to 8yo - that's '68-'74), i just have to ask...

did you know me then? or did you just find the onionblog at random?

i have searched my memory fairly thoroughly, and i cannot recall any janna from those years, the only semi-unique name i remember is windy. i suppose i could ask the mom-unit, but what fun would that be?


i'd go for the amaretto, and i am making no further requests for gastrointestinal noises.

Matt-Man said...

Life is good...

Morgen said...

thank the gods
janna got her lime sherbert with cherry pie filling
er, I mean cherry sundae topping


onionboy: you were her gradeschool crush and now she's tracked you down on the internet. haven't you seen the shrine of your pictures drizzled in cherry sundae topping? you know she calls you "my lime sherbert" behind your back because of her no-onions thing...

by the way, if you've ever met Janna in real life, you know that her alias "Windy" is appropriate, too.

Janna, you're so gonna delete this comment, aren't you?????????

love ya
Happy Twisted Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good fart

Steven Novak said...

Oh my dear god...

I'm gonna throw up... ;)


Janna said...

Morgian:Thanks again.
Onionboy:I'll write a blog post about it!
Matt-man: Sometimes, yes.
Morgen: You are truly warped. Stop that.
Steven: That's all I ask. :)

Cincy Diva said...

I am so glad that you were able to satisfy your craving, I have a craving for a gold ingot encrusted with diamonds if you want to return the favor! Have a wonderful Holiday!

Janna said...

Cincydiva: I don't seem to have any spare ingots laying around, but perhaps I can find you a recipe for one... :)