Friday, November 10, 2006

Janna's upcoming Friday night activities

Well, remember my post last Friday about Jason's party? (Or, should I say, his glaring LACK of a party when I showed up to find no one home?)
I talked to him on Tuesday, and he apologized for the lack of communication. He also said that he re-scheduled the party for November 10th (which is today).
So, here we go again... I'm going to show up, hoping that I won't be the only one there looking at a dark empty house. Wish me luck.
Incidentally, he said he's going to be cooking a leg of lamb for the guests.
I've never had lamb before-- and have never met anyone who actually likes it. So this will be my first time eating poor defenseless little baby sheep. If God doesn't already hate me, he probably will then.
God: "How could you? I created these cute little fuzzy things, and you went ahead and ATE one of them!"
Janna: "I didn't eat ALL of it; just one of its legs..."
(God gets a lightning bolt ready...)
Janna: "No, wait! I can explain! See, there was mint jelly, and Jason--"


STAK said...

lamb tastes GOOOODDD.........and if i happen to get struck down by a bolt from above, it sure as hell won't be because i ate lamb......and i've probably eaten a whole lamb or two worth of lamb.........

if i get struck down, it'll be because of all the bacon.........

Cincy Diva said...

Lamb is delicious, but Lamb curry is heavenly!