Friday, November 3, 2006

How Janna wasted a few perfectly good hours of her life this evening

From Merriam-Webster's Dictionary:
VACILLATE: to waver in mind, will, or feeling : hesitate in choice of opinions or courses

As in, "I am vacillating about whether to go to Jason's party tonight."
I'm just not feeling really social, not in the mood to have any kind of interpersonal fun.
Doesn't that make me sound like a boring, dull, uninspired stick-in-the-mud?
I know, I know. Last time I felt this way I ended up going to the party anyway, and ended up having a very nice time. So maybe this time would be nice too.
Still, I just kinda would rather stay home.
Thus the vacillating.
No doubt you all have exciting Friday plans of your own, and are probably not even reading this anyway!
Have a nice time.
I'll be over here, vacillating.

(later that evening)
Ok, now I'm in a really bad mood.
I showered, got dressed, and drove over to Jason's house. I got there at 6:10, only to find that all the lights were off and no one was home. Thinking maybe I'd arrived too early, I hung out in town for awhile and went back at 7:30.
Lights off, nobody there.
Apparently the whole thing was cancelled and no one remembered to tell me.
Nice, huh?
As soon as I got home I checked my answering machine and e-mail to make sure no one had left me a message, notifying me of the cancellation. Nope. Nothing.
What a waste of time and gas money.


HungryHippo said...

that sucks! saltgrass ended up being as amazing as usual. one day i'll have to try something new, but until then i'll stick with the prime rib. mmm. sorry to hear about your night. in texas, we don't start partying until at least 11...maybe you should go back and check now, haha. good luck with that if you're not already down for the night.

Anonymous said...

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STAK said...

egads.........someone oughtta get one of those humiliating stern talking to's........

hope you're doing better today......

i had sort of an opposite experience last and the fam went to visit with a friend of ours who just got back from Japan(his job takes him all over the world...which translates to really cool gifts)........we were unaware anyone else was thing we know, there's dozens of friends there......and frivolity ensues......hope you get one of those as a karmic bonus soon....


Anonymous said...

It is illegal to vacillate in Ohio.