Monday, November 6, 2006

Good service? What's that?

Weird thing at a McDonalds last night:
I was driving home from Jackson, and I was really thirsty, so I stopped by a McDonalds for a Coke. But when I got to the drive-thru thingy with the computer screen where you place your order, I saw that it had been smashed up. The computer screen (and presumably the audio, too) was completely crushed as if someone had taken a sledgehammer to it.
Taking this as a hint that the thing probably did not work, I pulled ahead to the first window.
Nobody there.
So I pulled ahead to the last window, thinking certainly somebody's gotta show up there eventually.
After maybe two minutes, this chick comes up, opens the window, and looks at me like I just landed from Mars. Her expression seemed to say "Who the hell are YOU?"
I politely explained that I'd like a large Coke, please.
She said I needed to go back and place my order the right way.
I told her how the thingy was broken, and there was no one at the other window. She was the first human being I'd actually seen working there. (Using the term "working" very loosely, of course).
She didn't seem to care. She repeated that I needed to drive back around and do the whole thing all over again. (Um, hello, just tried that, didn't work...)
(Would it have KILLED her to just take my money and pour me a drink? I mean, the cups and drink machine were right behind her the whole time.)
So I gave up and realized there was no chance of actually getting service here.
Since this is America and we have McDonalds on just about every street corner, I drove to the next one and got my Coke there.
It was late at night and McD's was the only place still open. Otherwise I would have made sure to spend my money elsewhere, just for the principle of the thing.


Karen said...

I had a similar experience a few months ago. The car in front of me drove past the order thingy, and up to the window. I waited behind at the order thingy and the guy on the other end was telling me to back up. The amount of time wasted by trying to get the first car to back up to the intercom and me moving my car was longer than it would have taken for the kid at the window to take the order, the money and deliver the goods. When this aggrivating event combined with the fact that my food was cold, my order wrong, and teh kid didn't even apologize for making me wait 20 mintues, I had had enough. I sent off a polite but firm letter to McD's (Canada) informing them of what happened and that I would no longer be frequenting their restaurants. Viva la revolution!

Probably best for my health and my waistline in the long run

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were "served" by a McIdiot...

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it when you go in, and no one ever says a word to you. You get up to the counter and they give you "Yeah whatcha want" LOOK
They ring it up and the total shows up on the screen.
You hand over the money and they hand back the change.
A minute later they hand you the food.

Morgiana Le Fey said...

if you're up for a drive some sunday or monday night, come on in to denny's. i never give bad service! what a bitch!