Monday, October 16, 2006

Possibility of Thursday Thirteen

I'm thinking of joining the ever-growing group of bloggers who do a "Thursday Thirteen" list. I'll need to think of topics.
I could try to be "different" and do a "Tuesday Twelve", or "Friday Forty", (Or, for the attention-deficit reader, "Wednesday One".)
Or I could just go with the flow and do Thursday Thirteen.
Time will tell....


Anonymous said...

LOL at Wednesday ONE

I'd say definitely try a Tuesday 12 or a Thursday 13 before you tackle a Friday 40 though... trust me, it can get hard to come up with these lists each week!
I'd love for you to join me on my Tuesday 12 lists -- we can start our own version of Thursday 13's!!!
And you're so good with lists, I'm sure you'd have a blast with it!!!

Anonymous said...

if it wouldn't crash your computer a zillion times, I'd say start your Thursday 13 with your favorite 13 Jannafied Costume ideas that I've posted so far at
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