Saturday, October 14, 2006

How to ruin perfectly good chocolate

Ahhhhh, chocolate.
Wonderful smooth velvety chocolaty goodness.
Perfect in just about every way.
Let's see... how can we ruin chocolate?
Ooh, I know, I know! Let's make chocolate-flavored BEER!!!
We'll advertise it as "diet" because no sane human being could possibly keep it DOWN long enough for the calories to take hold!
Ew! What are these people thinking?!
What's next?
Pizza-flavored beer?
Kiwi-strawberry beer?
Fried chicken beer?
The article is brief, but just long enough to jump-start the "EW" response. Granted, I'm not really a fan of beer, so maybe I'm not exactly the target market. Still, even if I wanted to like beer, chocolate would not be a way of making it better. (shudder)
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to curl up in the fetal position with a Twix bar.


STAK said...
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STAK said...

whenever i go to the bar, i order a "beer-flavored beer"......they know me so they already know which brand......i stand staunchly against anything-flavored beer.......up to and including dropping wedges of citrus fruit into beer..........

Janna said...

Wedges of citrus in beer?
As if that little pinch of zest is gonna make it any better...? ugh.
Sounds like an excuse for the bartender to charge an extra dollar or two!

Anonymous said...

How about "Fear Beer" flavored with paranoia and anxiety?

Anonymous said...

janna: some beers, like Corona & DosEquis (sp?) actually DO taste good with a twist of lime in them!
(and no, you don't get charged extra for the lime wedge in any bar I've ever been in)
I know, you have so rarely seen me drink, but I do have a soft spot for good beer. That being said, I would NOT go for a Chocolate Beer ...

speaking of alcohol, Lee wants to know if the Halloween punch this year should be wine-based or fruit-juice based (we saw a bottle of Transylvanian vampire wine at the store, that's what got him thinking about this)
This would be for saturday night when Kathleen visits, too. We'll have mulled cider on Sunday when it's just us -- for ghoulash!

Janna said...

Matt-man: Mmmmmm, fear and anxiety... and it's calorie-free!
Morgen: Either type of punch is fine, as long as the vampire wine doesn't have blood-donations in it!! :) I LOVED that punch Lee made last time, it was yummy.

Barb said...


Anonymous said...

I love beer, I love chocolate. But never the twain shall meet!