Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ugly dream

I had a weird dream during a nap this afternoon.
The main character in the dream wasn't me, but instead I was seeing things through the eyes of some other person. She was in her late teens/early twenties, beautiful, petite, thin, blonde, and her family was rich. Basically the "every-straight-guy's-dream" kind of girlfriend. Her family consisted of totally different people from mine. She even had brothers. (I'm an only child). I recognized no one's face at all in this entire dream.
(So, when I say "I," I'm actually referring to what I saw through this other person's eyes, ok?) Here's the dream:
"I" was engaged to this guy... he was about the same age as me, maybe one or two years older. He was, in stark contrast, NOT the typical fashion-model type of guy. He wasn't particularly handsome, and WAS rather overweight. But none of this mattered to "me", I loved him anyway, and we got engaged to be married on Thanksgiving.
I took him to meet my family, who seemed to be ok with him.
Then I came down with some illness and it turned out that I had to have emergency surgery on the day before Thanksgiving. (Something like appendicitis... serious emergency but still routine for hospitals to deal with). During this time my fiancee was totally supportive and loving and stayed by my side. I grew to love him even more.
Well, in the magic unrealistic world of dreams, it somehow turned out that I was ALL healed up and ready to get married on Thanksgiving. My fiancee and I were riding down a dirt road (not sure if we were in a car or a horse-drawn carriage), and I said something to the effect of "You should be grateful for this, because we both know I'm WAY out of your league." (!!!) I remember he looked surprised and hurt when I said that.
After the wedding, we went back to my family's house. I thanked him for being so supportive while I was in the hospital, and gave him a big hug. I suggested a spot for our honeymoon (I don't remember where it was; I just named some city).
His response: "Oh, good! While we're there, I can visit my son."
??!! I immediately stepped back and looked at him in shock. What son?? He'd never mentioned ever being married to anyone else OR having children with anyone at all. This was the first I'd ever heard of it and I was really taken aback.
But it was nothing compared to my family's reaction. The men in the family were furious. "My" grandfathers and uncles and brothers gathered around. A grandfather asked if I knew about this "son".
"I had no idea about any of that!" I swore, genuinely shocked.
Well, the men in my family were very old-fashioned, and considered it unforgivable that my new husband would have slept with anyone at ALL before ME. I was supposed to be his FIRST. Ever. Anything else was unacceptable and unforgivable.
So they ganged up on him, mob-style, and took him out back and beat him half to death. They left him a few miles from our house, battered and bleeding on a park bench, and I never saw him again. The wedding was considered to be 'null and void'. I was left with the impression that he eventually died from his severe wounds.
Isn't that awful? What a terrible thing to dream! How cruel!
I'm even embarrassed to blog about it, despite the fact that the lady in the dream was not me!


Morgen said...

the moral of the story:
don't eat Lay's Hot N Spicy Potato Chips before you take a nap.

Janna said...

Actually I ate them after the nap!

STAK said...

M NIGHT SHAMYLAN should make a movie based upon your dream.......he could call it.........????

Morgen said...

I'm sure we could find a better writer/director for this dream than mmmm bob shamalammadingdong
How 'bout Moi?
I see Kristin Chenowith as the petite blonde dream-Janna. And John Ellison Conlee as the Husband With The Secret.
(I know, both broadway actors, but I bet we could get 'em cheap in a movie!) and I went to school with John, so maybe he'd do it for scale as a favor.
And how about Larry Hagman as Grandpa?

Janna said...

Larry Hagman would be ok as one of the uncles, but the grandfather was older, more like Pa Kettle or Grandpa Jones from Hee Haw. Old and ultra conservative, but still able to kick ass to defend the honor of his beloved granddaughter.

Word verification below: fogukfa
(sounds like someone trying to swear while eating a peanut butter sandwich)

Morgen said...

actually I was picturing Uncle Jessie from The Dukes Of Hazzard (tv show, not movie) as the Grandaddy, but I didn't want to get your daisy dukes in a twist by saying that...