Tuesday, September 19, 2006

After Band on Tuesday....

After band and ABC group, some of us stayed around (as usual) to be silly and corrupt each other's minds and... well, you get the idea.
I took my camera with me again, and some of the pictures actually turned out decent, so here we go.
Above: Morgian was making funny fish-faces to tease Kyle while he was sucking on the hookah. I tried getting a good picture of it but instead she looks more like she's saying "Touch me and I will kill you. Come near me and I will kill you. Look at me and I will kill you. And it will hurt." (Note to self: Either stay on Morgian's good side or learn to take better pictures)Here... this is a MUCH better picture of Morgian! She looks sweet and friendly, as if she's not secretly thinking of killing anyone at all!Kyle brought the hookah again, and this week's flavored tobacco was raspberry. I didn't try it, but it really smelled wonderful. I know it's weird that it doesn't stink to high heaven like most smoke does, but really, it's actually pleasant. Here are more hookah-pictures:

Above: Doesn't he look just SO shy and innocent? Like he's turning away so he can smoke raspberries in private...
And, speaking of private, that brings us to this next photo... I was going to say it exhibited "questionable taste", but that would just set me up for a whole BUNCH of jokes:Moral of the story: Be careful where you hold the hookah-hose; someone else may want to use it really bad! As weird as this looks in the picture, believe me, it was far more entertaining in person.
Last but not least, there's this picture of Kyle. Now, I swear he looked completely normal when I snapped the picture, but look at this!
Scary, isn't it? Can't tell if he's evil or insane or alien, or all of the above! (I had no idea evil insane aliens could play the flute so well!)

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Morgiana Le Fey said...

oh how we love the little hookah...(.=

btw, i am neither sweet or plotting people's painful or untimely deaths =P

but i am friendly (.=

i love your blog, janna! and i have these jalapeno pringles that are tasty and spicy but not nearly enough for the likes of us!