Thursday, August 24, 2006

Weird Dream

Last night I dreamed that I was on a mission with about 4 other people. We were sent to find a special diamond that was rumored to exist at an archaeological site. There was an Indiana-Jones-like maze and obstacle course we'd have to conquer before finding our treasure.
So, we all made it to the site, and my colleagues began crawling through the tiny cave-like tunnels. "Oh, NO, I thought. I'll never fit through there! I'm too big!"

But I refused to be thwarted, and came up with an alternate plan. Rather than go through the maze, I'd just go around it! So I did-- I went to the 'finish line' by taking an alternate route, totally avoiding all the traps and pitfalls my colleagues were experiencing. And there, hidden in shadow right at the end, was THE diamond. It didn't look much like a traditional diamond, of course; it wasn't clear and sparkly and faceted. It was a raw diamond, similar to the one shown in the picture here, only smoother and milkier (kinda like an opal, actually!)
Everyone agreed that YES, this was the artifact we'd been searching for. Yet for some reason, I was allowed to keep it!
Somehow I discovered I was able to visit with the original occupants of the archaeological site (maybe I had a time machine, I dunno). So I took the diamond with me and showed it to them, asking them about its history and significance.
"Oh, THAT thing?" One of them made a face. "That's just something one of us threw up one day."
And... that's when I woke up.


Morgen said...

mmmm barfy dream goodness

at least it wasn't petrified ear wax!

ps. I can't believe that on your computer you could post a picture! I've been tryin' since frickin' 10:30am to post a cat photo on my blog!!!
F*^%*^&%*&^%*^%ing Blogger!

kyle said...

So......if that is what you dream about...DO you dream about having sex with a fuzzy pink bunny? And would this be eccentric dreaming behavioral patterns? I mean..who WOULDN'T wanna have sex with a fuzzy Pink bunny....but then again..OH!....uhh...hmm....I mean....uhh.............wouldn't the tail get in the way? and the ears would be FAR too tempting to yank on.
...have I gone too far?