Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hello, Captain Jack!!!

I've been sad and discouraged these past few days, for a variety of reasons, so it was perfect timing that my Captain Jack Sparrow Happy Meal Toy arrived in the mail today.
Yay! This cheers me up a little... and I'm coming up with some fun ideas on how to include him in my blog.
I'm thinking of doing one of those "Where is he today" kinds of things, where I take him to various places and post a picture of where he's been. The locations can be ordinary (e.g. my front porch) or weird (e.g next to dryer lint in a shopping cart along with my left shoe). See how neat this could be?
This might be just the thing I need.
Thank you, Jack!


Kyle said...

That would be GREAT! like the wandering experian Lawn gnome. I would be amused

Julie said...

How cute!