Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Weird dream

Last night I dreamed I was a teenager in some kind of boot camp... the other 'recruits' were between 6 and 20-ish. The six year old looked kinda like Thomas Hayden Church (the "I see dead people" kid), and the oldest looked like Lance Bass.
I couldn't figure out whether we'd been grouped together because we were problem-youths, or were specially gifted somehow, or what.
In one of the 'scenes', the Lance-like guy got sent to the top of a roof to fix some kind of antenna. Meanwhile, our drill sergeant was yelling crude insulting things at him. Our drill sergeant was a real bitch. Offhand, I can't think of a celebrity to compare her to, so I'll just describe her as short, semi-pudgy, with short dirty blonde hair and a piss-poor attitude about pretty much everything. While 'Lance' was fixing the antenna, drill-chick went to get his lunch, and then proceeded to eat it right there in front of all of us. She shouted up to the roof and mocked him and teased him, "I'm eating your cookies! Whaddya gonna DO about it???"
Trying to maintain perfect composure and a pleasant demeanor, 'Lance' looked over at ME and smiled. "I don't mind sharing at all," he said, convincing us all that he really meant it.
Meanwhile, I was getting really sick of hearing the drill sergeant bully him so much, so I thought to myself, "This would be a REALLY good time for a lightning bolt."
And somehow I was able to 'call' a bolt of lightning from the sky! It was amazing!
Here's the thing, though: It missed the drill sergeant and ended up hitting the 6-year old kid instead. (oops!)
And when it hit him, it completely vaporized him into pure energy, taking him back up to the clouds.
Someone else in the group expressed hope that his 'energy' would return somehow to help us overcome the oppression of the drill sergeant.
And that's when I woke up!


Morgen said...

wow, you can call lightning down? Too bad you need to fix your aim!
I wonder if the "cookies" image was about cookies in your computer? Sometimes if blogger won't let me in, it's because my "cookies are enabled" === whatever the frack THAT means!

Janna said...

Morgen: Yeah, maybe we can take a sharpshooting class together. I'll bring my lightning bolt, and you can bring the chicken-protection gun you bought....
Since we both need lessons, apparently! :)

Janna said...

BTW, Morgen: Funny you should bring up the thing about the computer cookies... because now that y'mention it, I DID get an error page yesterday telling me my cookies WEREN'T enabled... but when I checked, my computer said they WERE. I dunno.
Chalk it up to my computer just being a lousy rotten bastard, I guess.