Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Evil Dirty Rotten Nasty Computer Hell

Lemme just say that today has been quite a computer ordeal.
It took me over an hour just to post the weird dream, because the computer would not cooperate! Explorer would not even let me SIGN IN to Blogger; as soon as I clicked on the icon, I got that dreaded error message "This computer has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down."
I hate that message. So overdramatic. Makes it sound like they found a meth lab next to the printer or something.
Anyway.... so Explorer wouldn't even let me IN to Blogger. I tried Netscape and was able to type the dream and save it as draft while I hunted for a picture of a lightning bolt. Thank goodness I saved it as a draft, because when I tried adding the picture and re-saving it, Netscape froze up.
I re-opened the program, signed in again, and re-opened the draft...
Same thing. Netscape froze up.
Again, I re-opened the program, signed in yet again, opened the draft I'd saved...
Same thing. Again, Netscape froze up.
This was, to put it mildly, exceedingly frustrating. I wasn't able to post anything at all! Explorer wouldn't let me into Blogger, and Netscape invariably froze up.
I was FINALLY able to get it to work. I'd made a link on my desktop which takes me right to the "compose a new blog entry" page. So I clicked on THAT, which DID let me sign in properly. It was through Explorer, though, which is why there's no lightning bolt picture.
I hate my computer sometimes.
A number of people have recommended getting this new browser called "Firefox", which sounds lovely. Believe me, I'd love to have it. Here's the thing, though: my computer won't let me do that either. I've gone to the Firefox website and began the process of downloading, only to be stopped short by error messages. Every time.
It's enough to make a person go back to parchment paper and fountain pens.


Morgen said...

I keep telling ya, parchment paper is for baking cookies!!!!

I've had some computer "issues" today, to. Everytime I tried to edit a post, it came back as HTML tag unfinished. Grrrr. I had to revert posts several times just to get it to publish, and then it wasn't exactly the way I wanted it!!!! (Yes, I'm too anal about my blog!!!)

Morgen said...

Okay, so I posted several things already today on Blogger.
Now, it won't let me in. That frackin' cookies message.
Plus, even though I've been relatively busy with customers today, advertisers keep calling me. Some of them won't take NO for an answer.
I'm just frustrated right now.
ε § χ δ ∴