Monday, August 14, 2006

The Jannaverse

A few years ago, I started including (hopefully) humorous cartoons of myself in my written correspondence to my friend Lee.
Then, when Lee's partner Morgen started It's A Blog Eat Blog World, he invited me to create a weekly cartoon for his blog. We brainstormed about what to call it, and after awhile Morgen said "How about The Jannaverse"? What a great idea! So the name stuck, and ever since then, he's posted a Jannaverse cartoon every Monday. See his blog and check them out! I talk about everything from Republicans to farts to messy cars.
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1 comment:

Morgen said...

wow -- you've been blogging for what, like 24 hours, and already you've got a link on at LEAST two blogs!!! You're fast!
You'e on mine, and Julie added you to Flip This Body already!!!
Wooo-hooo, at this rate, you'll be taking over Blogger by next month!!!