Monday, August 14, 2006

A Few Interesting People

Here are a few people who, in my opinion, happen to be really cool:

Garrison Keillor.
Seems to be a nice guy, down-to-earth, and has a wonderful sense of humor that often makes me laugh when I listen to A Prairie Home Companion. I don't always care for the music that's played on the show, but his monologues and skits are great.

John C. Mcginley.
He's played "Dr. Cox" on the NBC sitcom Scrubs, which I loved and watched often, back in the days when I actually watched TV (more on that later).
I loved how Dr. Cox could be bitter, snarky, cynical, sarcastic, and miserable-- yet somehow still come off as a decent guy at the end of the day. His heart was in the right place, he was just a wee bit frustrated with life. (Aren't we all....)

John M. Jackson.
Excellent actor and nice guy. He played Admiral AJ Chegwidden on the CBS series Jag. I was/am a member of his unofficial fan club, and when my home was destroyed by a windstorm a few years ago, he actually wrote a very kind letter of sympathy to me.
Very nice.

David Letterman.
I know, he used to be kind of a jerk, back in the old days. But age and parenthood have mellowed him out, and he's now a nice combination of both "edgy" and polite.
I think he understands the boundaries a bit better these days.

That's all for now... I wanted to add more but Netscape keeps freezing up on me! If I hadn't saved this as a 'draft' after uploading each picture, all my work would have been lost each time. So thankfully I didn't have to start from scratch after each freeze. Still, it's awfully annoying to have to deal with computer tantrums. Makes me wanna strike the screen with a bullwhip, shouting "Run, damn you, RUN! I pay for the electricity that courses through your electronic veins, you must do my bidding!!! Run! And run properly!!!"
Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced my bullwhip.


Morgen said...

You know how I feel about Letterman, but I do like Garrison Keillor. I just wish someone would tell him NOT to sing!!!

Julie said...

Hi! Morgen sent me! He's a crazy goof, and I love it, so if you're friends with him, you've got to be great too!

Yeah, go download Mozilla Firefox from It's free and it's the best internet browser out there right now.

LOVE Dr. Cox! Also loved him as one of "The Bobs" in Office Space...


Jim McKee said...

With Letterman, I think the heart attack or bypass or whatever it was also helped.