Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I Hate My Computer

I've been trying for about two hours to upload some pictures onto the previous post, and Netscape keeps freezing up whenever I try. Over and over and over and over and over again. Every time, without fail.
I'm tired of trying.
So for now at least, my posts will be done on Explorer, which means no pictures.
Maybe in the future, when my computer stops being a jerk, I'll be able to add some pictures to the post.
Til then, I think I'll go buy a hatchet and practice some threatening phrases like "Cooperate, you micro-chipped monster, or I'll take a 'BYTE' out of your ass!"


Christine said...

Oh, was it the $12,000 pen that you were trying to upload? Heh heh.
Well, I don't need to see it~

D said...

You might want to try Firefox for your browser - I rarely have problems with it on my Mac or my stupid office PC. can get you to it, and it's free.

Janna said...

Firefox would be a lovely idea, except my computer gets an attitude with that too. I've tried downloading it, more than once, in fact-- and my computer always cuts things short with error messages or crashing or junk like that.
Oh, if only I was rich enough to get a new computer AND a new fountain pen! :)

Morgen said...

wow. I can't believe I'm FOURTH to comment here.
Oh, Janna, I knew ye when...
congrats on the readership!

and yesterday I was having major problems getting photos to load on blogger, too -- I think it was a systems issue, not a Janna isssue...