Monday, August 21, 2006

Don't mess with The Black Onion

Some of you may have seen the name-generator games out there lately... for example, you can find out what your Superhero name is by taking your favorite color and adding it to your favorite animal. (e.g. Red Rhino, Blue Ferret, Green Platypus)...
Well, these are fun because not every formula yields a good result for everyone. Sometimes it just turns out lousy. So when you DO get a fun name, you appreciate it all the more.
For the whole list of names, see Bitter Cup Of Joe, and Rock Paper Scissors Gun. They did the name-game a couple days ago and had a lot of fun with it.
It inspired me to come up with some new name formulas of my own. New! Original! Never before tried in any other forum! Are you excited? (Can you pretend?)
So here we go. I make no promises that any of these will turn out decent for the rest of you, but you're welcome to give them a try.

1. Super-Villain Name: (Color shirt you're wearing right now, plus your least favorite vegetable

(evil superpower: "The breath of death")

2. Actor name #1: (Color of current vehicle, plus most recent beverage)

(If this isn't a porn name, I don't know what is)

3. Actor name #2: (Model of the first car you ever owned, plus color of house you grew up in)

(Sounds like a new reporter for 60 Minutes)

4. Alien Visitor name: (Last 2 letters of middle name, plus 1st 3 letters of city where you graduated high school... then add the medication you most recently took)

(I come in peace! Give me your hormones!)

5. Famous Author name: (Last gas station you used, plus last name of favorite teacher)

(Does she sell seashells at the seashore?)

6. Undercover Spy name: (favorite zoo animal, plus color of the carpet/floor in your bedroom)

(Hey, I like it!)

Let me know how these worked out for you... and feel free to swipe them for your own blogs if they turn out to be halfway decent. Just give me a link or something.

P.S. What's black and white and red all over? It's Zebra Maroon!!


D said...

Janna - these are hilarious!
Here's mine:
1.Green Lima Bean
2.Black Iced Coffee
3.Regency Cream
4.Alpar Valium
5.Citgo Gates
6.Wombat Polka Dot

Christine said...

I'm groaning on the PS~