Friday, October 3, 2014

WiFi is probably better than robot servants. Probably.

I am thrilled beyond belief to report that I finally have my laptop!

I'm here at McDonald's right now, basking/marinating in the free WiFi.


This is the very first time I have ever had anything faster than dial-up.

I noticed that in the post where I spoke of getting a laptop, nonamedufus said "Welcome to the 21st century, Janna."

Hi.  I'm glad to be here.
Still, I thought there would be more flying cars and robot servants.
Soon I'll have to get up and refill my drink BY MYSELF.

On the bright side, though, I'm able to watch an R.E.M. video without waiting two hours.


nonamedufus said...

Does McDonald's have a monopoly on wi-fi? (See that's a little joke. McD's is in the midst of its "Monopoly" promotion. Not that funny? Have another chicken McNugget, there Janna.)

Janna said...

nonamedufus: Yay! I have seriously been here for FOURTEEN HOURS so far. I have to leave within the next hour because they're closing. (really). This is the most awesomely wasted day of my entire life. (So far).