Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tired brain cells go "plink!"

Too Tired To Think.

But my armpits don't stink.

Broccoli shouldn't be pink.

Have a hot smoky link.

Is that your hair in the sink?

No, it might be a mink.

Do you get enough zinc?

Squids are still full of ink.

Ugly sweaters might shrink.

Maybe spiders can't blink.

Someone, pass me a drink.


TALON said...

lol! Glad you smell pretty! And I wonder if more people would eat broccoli if it were pink?

Fun 55, Janna! :)

g-man said...

Oh the strange way you think
( you're a bit of a kink )
Nice job Janna, worming the Broccoli into your Rhyme
Loved your inky 55
Thanks for playing , you are like catching every Green Light while driving through Downtown!!!
Have a Kick Ass Week End

Margaret said...

I've doubled the scotch
so enjoy your drink. (wink)

KB said...

Pass me one too :)

Brian Miller said...

are you sure you have not already? smiles...h-ink...clink...the spider told me the squid is holding out on us...

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

Seems you may have had one too many already, I think.

Flash 55 - Revenge by Chance

izzy said...

Good rhymes! thanks.

nonamedufus said...


Janna said...

TALON: It could be the official "Breast Cancer Awareness" vegetable!
To match all the ribbons...

g-man: Broccoli AND smoky links!

Margaret: Excellent!

KB: Ask Margaret; apparently she's buying.

Brian: On a semi-unrelated note, squids taste way better than spiders. Especially when they're breaded and fried with a little dish of sweet-and-sour dipping sauce on the side.

Vanessa: None at all yet!

izzy: Thank you!

nonamedufus: That almost sounds like "Shrinky Dink". Did Canada have shrinky dinks? They were popular back in the 70's and 80's. You cut out shapes from thin plastic sheets, drew stuff on them with colored pencils, and then you stuck them in the oven until they shrunk into these thick plastic ornament thingies.
Was that just a freaky USA thing, or did Canada have them too?

Mama Zen said...

Well, as long as your armpits don't stink!

Helen said...

I say as I sit here happily sipping my wine ... I cooked an orange cauliflower last week. I guess broccoli can be pink.

Janna said...

MamaZen: So far, so good!

Helen: Orange cauliflower?

Kerry O'Connor said...

Monorhyme is not as easy as some might think.

nonamedufus said...

Shrinky Dinks? Only after swimming.

Janna said...

Kerry: It's even harder if you drink! (or so I hear).

nonamedufus: Heh!!
Here's a TV commercial for them.
Here's the "shrinky dinks dot com page, and here's the Wikipedia page about them. They were a real thing! I remember when they accidentally burned, the whole kitchen would smell like burnt plastic for hours.