Thursday, February 21, 2013

So, an X and a Y walk into a bar, and then...

Things I will still be able to do after the ice storm hits us tonight:

* Daydream about pizza

* Make up algebra problems that no one will ever care about solving

* Read some Sherlock Holmes stories

* Scratch exactly where it itches

* Hope the electricity stays on

* Ponder this picture some more... or perhaps this one instead.



Rastaman said...

Well, since it has been about 40 some odd years since I solved an algebra problem, I'll leave this one for the younger crowd, and proceed to have my pizza.

brandi said...

I was diggin' your Friday post...then you had to RUIN IT with math....Now there is a pain between my ears and the harder I shake my head, the worse it gets. You would think a good shaking would cure it!!!
Seriously, funny as hell as post. Loved the Commode of the Living Dead!
Oh and itching a scratch...I don't think men appreciate that women get itchy, too.

Margaret said...

Math is a nightmare to me. And the links are both disturbing. I don't want to know how he gets the dog up and down! Sherlock is always great. Have you seen the new "Sherlock " on BBC. We love it. The Watson character is the hobbit in the new movie!

TALON said...

Even pointless algebra makes my brain hurt :)

I love us an excuse to decompress, cut ourselves off and not one excuse do we have to make!

G-Man said...

Trick Question eh?
Janna, are you some sort of closet math whiz?
Loved your Newtonesque 55
Thanks for playing, you are like having a calculator watch during a math quiz, have a Kick Ass Week-End
No matter how bad the weather, I bet Dominoes will still deliver!!

Janna said...

Rastaman: Pizza is sounding better and better the more I think of it...

brandi: Sometimes scratching an itch is the best thing that happens all day long!

Margaret: I haven't seen Sherlock on BBC, but it's probably great fun to watch. I wish I had cable/satellite, but if I did I'd probably waste even more hours of my life. LOL. :)

TALON: It is nice to be able to hide away for awhile, and I like the part about not owing anyone an explanation. Storms still kinda stress me out, though!

G-Man: I'm kinda hungry right now, so "Newtonesque" made me think of Fig Newtons.

Note to everyone: Awwwwww, c'mon; this algebra problem is EASY! You can do it! If no one has solved it by the weekend, I'll consider posting the answers. :)
But it'd be so much more fun if one of you solved it instead!

Mama Zen said...

I adore Sherlock Holmes! Algebra? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

I think I have the first two problems. (x = 30y & x = 62 - y) Yes, I'm that big of a geek to actually try it. The storm here wasn't too bad. I hope you are snowed in and happy and safe!

Janna said...

MamaZen: I have to be in the mood, but algebra can be fun sometimes. :)

razzamadazzle: So far, so good... now keep going and solve both values. What number is X? What number is Y?
Keep in mind that they have the same value in all three. You're about halfway there! Keep going! Rah rah rah! :)

Anonymous said...

one can daydream about pizza any old day... not so sure about making up algebra problems (not so sure about solving them either ;) )

nonamedufus said...

Does the answer involve pepperoni?

Janna said...

turtlememoir: It's an easy algebra problem. Go on and try it! We can save the pizza for afterward.

nonamedufus: I wish!

Yvonne Osborne said...

Mention algebra and my eyes cross. Mention Pizza and I'm knocking on your door. Sorry to be so late coming around. Hope the lights stay.