Thursday, January 17, 2013

Although if the aliens were really tiny, I might never know...

Things my new cat has not yet destroyed:

* The silverware
* The ceiling
* My left kidney
* Certain moons orbiting Jupiter
* Telemarketers
* This computer (although he TRIED!!)
* Oprah
* The structural integrity of at least three elements
* Any mice at all
* The Hope Diamond
* Aliens
* Your ability to comment and beg him to leave my left kidney alone


Shawn said...

Leave left kidney! Do not scratch!
Sorry that was more of a command than a beg.

Teresa said...

What a lucky cat to have you! Lucky mice too!

Janna said...

Shawn: Thank you! Every little bit helps.

Teresa: Since there are over 240 cats at the shelter waiting to be adopted, he's definitely lucky to be the one I picked. :)

G-Man said...

Your RIGHT Kidney?
What kind of cat is this?
Loved your Shindlers List 55
Thanks for playing, You're like getting a call from your Doctor's office saying that they misdiagnosed your Chlamydia, and you really just have an allergy to Count Chocula!
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

Janna said...

G-Man: Let's just say my right kidney never knew what hit it. Or clawed it. I still have the scab.
And... now I'm craving Count Chocula.

Other Mary said...

Dear Cat - Please leave Janna's left kidney alone. And now I'm really curious about what he did to your right one! Also wondering which of Jupiter's moons he (or she) has spared!

Nessa said...

Here's hoping your kitty left your left kidney alone.

Flash 55 - come on, i'm worth it

brandi said...

Bad kitty. LOL. Sounds like fun.

my heart's love songs said...

is there anyone else in the house who's kidney you could give him? how about the next door neighbor? {smile}

Janna said...

Other Mary: My right kidney is currently recovering quite nicely from the shock of being clawed. I expect it should be working properly around February.

Nessa: So far, so good!

brandi: It is fun. He's actually a very good cat. I picked the right one.

my heart's love songs: Sadly, I live alone. It's just me and the two cats. The neighbor, however... now there's an idea...

Grandmother said...

This really made me laugh- out loud- so everyone was asking me what was so funny so I read this to them and they laughed too- out loud!

Shelly said...

Egads. Good thing we come with 2 kidneys. Catty, learn how to destroy mice and leave Janna alone!

Not that he'll listen to me. ;)

Janna said...

Grandmother: I'm so glad! :)

Shelly: So far he's listened. The scab on my stomach is healing!

Shelly said...


Margaret said...

I think you need to get a dog that doesn't like cats:)

Janna said...

Shelly: Yay!

Margaret: Nice! Though I'm definitely a cat person instead of a dog person.