Thursday, January 24, 2013

Actually, it would be worth it

"I'm so cold," Jeanne cried.  "It's so cold today!"

"Here," offered Bill.  "Have some hot chocolate."

Jeanne gratefully finished it all.  "That was great. Thank you."

"It's the extra-fattening kind with over 400 calories."

She gasped.  "WHAT???  It's...  Why would you do that?"

He smiled wickedly.  "Took your mind off the cold weather, didn't it?"



Margaret said...

When it is THAT cold, one needs all the hot chocolate and marshmallows one can get :) Very cute.

Janna said...

Margaret: I agree! Let's celebrate with four pints of hot chocolate and an entire pan of brownies.

G-Man said...

Oh I just ADORE Brownies! With those cute little brown skirts and that awesome brown beanie!!
Er perhaps you meant a different type of Brownie?
Never Mind...
Loved your ambiguous 55 Janna.
Thanks for playing, you are like a 55 degree Sunny day in January, Have a Kick Ass Week End

Anonymous said...

Nothing like hot chocolate and snuggling under the blankets with a cat to forget the cold.

Alice Audrey said...

Sounds like he's trying to turn her into a walrus. They don't mind the cold one bit.

Helen said...

... I'll have a splash of brandy in mine please. It's cold here too.

Yvonne Osborne said...

The richer, the better. Sometime you can't worry about calories. Besides the body needs calories to keep warm!!

Other Mary said...

Bill, that's not even funny!

Other Mary said...

Bill, that's not even funny!

Janna said...

G-Man: Acccgggghhh! Definitely not those kinds of brownies. :)

razzamadazzle: I agree completely.

Alice: Or a seal or an orca, maybe...

Helen: Cheers!

Yvonne: Very true.

OtherMary: That's probably why Bill sleeps alone a lot these days. :)