Thursday, November 8, 2012

The seventh probably involves moaning

Six things you don't want to hear coming from the kitchen:

1.  "Eh, go ahead and leave it in.  They'll never know."

2.  "I could've sworn Fluffy was here just a moment ago...."

3.  "Ah-CHOOO!!"

4.  "That's not pepper.  Those were my cigarette ashes."

5.  "Does this look infected to you?"

6.  "I sure hope these mushrooms aren't the poison kind."


Brian Miller said...

well i guess it all depends on what exactly is happening in that first one you know....

err number 2....uh yeah....

number 3...gravy!


number 5...more gravy

but maybe at least they will give us good visions you know....

number 7, refer back to number 1

and happy thanksgiving everyone!

Margaret said...

...Fluffy? ha ha ha

"They'll never know" IS my motto :)

very funny, Janna!

G-Man said...

Open wounds, and mucus in the kitchen eh? Janna, Janna, Janna..
Please use that Evil Genius in a more positive manner OK?
Loved your Sickening 55 My Dear
Thanks for playing, you are like finding a Fresh squeeze bottle of 12 hour nasal spray just before bedtime, after not being able to breathe all day.
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

the walking man said...

This has thus far been the funniest of the 55's i have read so far. I think i have either moaned or heard moaning during everyone of these activities...the cigarette ashes are a little dicey in my memory, we were probably a little buzzed at the time we made those brownies.

Anonymous said...

How you make it real! Ha, ha!

Eric (Bubba) Alder said...

Um, Janna? I'm afraid I can't make it for dinner on Saturday. Sorry.

hedgewitch said...

Ha! Also 'Hand me the knife--it's still moving!' is never a good sign. Loved, as always, your hilarious 55.

Alice Audrey said...

I wish my mind wouldn't automatically try to put these in order. LOL. Definitely not something I want to hear in my kitchen.

nonamedufus said...

I guess I'll think twice if you ever invite me for dinner.

Janna said...

Brian: Wait! It's 2 weeks early for Thanksgiving! Put down the turkey!

Margaret: It's a good motto!

G-Man: My evil genius has a mind of its own.

The Walking Man: Glad I qualified as humorous. :) I try every week, but y'never know sometimes.

ReBelle: I try!

Bubba: But we're having Fluffy! Er, I mean, roast beef!

hedgewitch: That's a good one too! Or a bad one, depending on your viewpoint. :)

Alice: Definitely don't put them in order. :o

nonamedufus: If you do decide to come, bring a wine that goes well with Fluffy.

Helen said...

Positively hysterical!!!!!

Janna said...

Helen: I try!