Monday, July 23, 2012


Monday morning I woke up in excruciating pain.
It seems that somehow I slept wrong and pinched a nerve in my neck.
It was a miracle I could even get dressed.
For a long time I just sat there in tears because it hurt so bad.
It was worse than migraines, and that's really saying something.  I've had pinched nerves in my neck before, but nothing even remotely close to THIS.

It was a miracle that I was able to
(a) get dressed and
(b) actually drive to work.

One of our customers is a registered nurse who stops in from time to time.  Thankfully, she just happened to stop by this morning.
I explained the problem.
She did a quick evaluation, then went to the pharmacy and got me some Aleve.
(She even checked the pupils of my eyes with a flashlight, for some reason.)
It was suggested that I hold a hot compress against my neck.

(This was easier said than done, since it hurt to move my arms.  It hurt to do ANYTHING.  Anything that moved any muscle anywhere remotely near my neck could set off a rapid-fire burst of pain.)

But I tried it...  I microwaved a wet towel and held it against my neck for the remainder of the day, re-heating it periodically.
And it helped somewhat.

The Aleve helped also.

It's now almost midnight and my neck still hurts, though nowhere near as bad as it did this morning.

I'm kinda afraid to go to bed, for fear I'll repeat whatever I did last night to mess it up so bad.

Additional thought:  Hot compresses are not exactly refreshing when the outdoor temperature is over 90 degrees.

I'm done complaining.  (Maybe).
I promise to keep you updated, and will return to the weird pictures and fart jokes shortly afterward.
Have a nice day.

If you're currently able to turn your neck without pain, take a brief moment to be grateful for that.

I'll take a brief moment to envy you.


nonamedufus said...

When my wife asks me if she's being a pain in the neck I tell her "no, you're a little lower".

I hope you get better soon.

Janna said...

nonamedufus: If I was better at multitasking, I could be a pain in both places at once.

Marcia said...

You have my sympathy; I keep a chiropractor on speed dial.

Janna said...

Marcia: My mom recommended a chiropractor, but I couldn't stand the thought of anyone touching me. It hurt SO bad.

Shelly said...

I've woken up with a pain like that. It's so not fun. My sympathies.

This morning I woke up with a sharp pain behind my left shoulder blade whenever I moved. I have no idea how I managed to cause that in my sleep.

Janna said...

Shelly: My neck is better now! There's only a faint pain if I turn it too far to one side. Whew!