Monday, June 4, 2012

I bet Mike is extra cute when he's dizzy

Various thoughts:

1.  I've been imagining a contest between Mike Mills and Sheldon Cooper where they spin around in circles to see which one would fall down first.

2.  I really, really love bacon.

3.  Why do raccoons seem to enjoy my yard so much lately?

4.  If I had to choose between Mike Mills and bacon, I would probably choose Mike, but I'd be so upset about losing bacon that Mike probably wouldn't want to be around me for awhile.

5.  Wow, Richard Dawson died.  I remember watching him on The Match Game when I was a little kid.  I was really young, but I remember the show using the word "bosoms" a lot.

6.  Maybe, if I'm lucky, Mike Mills will taste like bacon.


Anonymous said...

#6: Perhaps we didn't need to have this picture in our minds...Of course I'm making the mad assumption that you wouldn't be testing the tasting by gnawing on his elbow...(I may be old but I'm not dead!)

nonamedufus said...

If you were to gnaw on Mike Mills I'm sure you'd start with his derriere because there's nothing better than back bacon.

You know I saw that story about Richard Dawson and thought to myself "Isn't he already dead?" I guess there's no doubt about it now. His survey said: dead.

Janna said...

Grace: LOL! I'm doing my best to look innocent over here, but the halo is hanging a little crooked on my horns...

nonamedufus: Mmmmmm... back bacon...