Thursday, January 5, 2012

I wish I could have included mashed potatoes somehow

Random list of things for no reason:

1. World globe with a mysterious yellow stain on Australia
2. Poison ivy
3. Half of a Three Musketeers bar
4. Postage stamp with some bald guy on it
5. Justin Bieber's spleen
6. Ennui and dismay
7. Whatever's under your right big toenail
8. The 1967 "Surrealistic Pillow" album by Jefferson Airplane
9. Twelve pigeon droppings


G-Man said...

Go ask Alice..
Plastic Fantastic Lover..
Generally regarded as the very first psechedelic album.
And why did you make me hunt you down?
Loved your 55 Janna
Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting...Wait, I forgot, you didn't visit yet,..You are like a Sunoco Station thats still open, an hour after your "Gas Light" goes on in your car while driving alone late at night in Northern Alabama. Have a Kick Ass Week-End

VE said...

Ah Surrealistic Pillow...funny, I have a surrealistic pillow in my lastest post...

Stanthrax said...

I think Justin Bieber's spleen should turn a hefty profit on Ebay. :-)

Janna said...

G-Man: Thanks for commenting despite my disturbing negligence. :)

VE: Heyyy! Welcome back!

Stanthrax: There's one way to find out!