Sunday, December 11, 2011

Because it makes so much sense

Y'know, after five years of blogging,
this is still one of my favorite posts.


Anonymous said...

Janna, I see you have like three blogs, I only frequent this, would you care to explain to a fool person like myself the difference between the three, in simple digestible terms? I did notice that one of the blogs deals a lot with food, recipes if I recall correctly?

Janna said...

Anon: The Jannaverse is my main blog, where I try to be as bizarre as possible. Jantics is similar but not quite as bizarre, and I don't post there very often these days. Jantrails has some semi-humorous stuff, though lately it's been more about my weight-loss efforts. I put the more serious stuff there, when I have something to say. Then I sometimes link to it here, for the few people that care.
Or sometimes I just post the important stuff here anyway and brace myself for the glaring absence of comments.
Depends on my mood.

... Was that clear enough? :)