Monday, December 26, 2011

Additions to the Jannapedia

TIGGHT: Something that used to be tight but has gotten stretched out a bit.

LADES: 1. Ladies who can't spell. 2. What happens to the Everglades when half of it is demolished by greedy land developers.

DENWI: First wi capture all da whales, denwi sell dem back to Greenpeace.

CONSURC: Trying to stifle a burp and a hiccup while saying the word "concert".

OXIMP: A cross between an ox and a chimp.

RETSUGH: The sound you make when you decide Retsyn doesn't taste very good.

DISTERN: A cistern that's really far away.

SPOXYM: A prescription medication for people who are afraid of Spock.

ANTER: 1. An anteater with no appetite. 2. Antler which isn't big enough to contain the letter "L" yet.

RATICH: 1. An itchy spot on a rat. 2. Trying to say the word "radish" with a dry throat.

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