Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just imagine what Disney could do with this

Once upon a time, it was very late on a Sunday night.

Janna yawned. "I'm tired. It's bedtime."

"No," said her evil invisible friend George. "You haven't done a blog post yet."

"Can't I just wait until tomorrow? Nobody's going to comment anyway." She took one last sip of her bottle of water. "Besides, I have no idea what to say."

George sighed. "That never stopped you before."

And that's how George ended up trapped in a garbage bag out by the curb.
Janna lived happily ever after, because she finally got to get some sleep.
The End.


Adrian Katrina Miller said...

I should go to sleep too.

Janna said...

Adrian: It's an hour earlier where you live. You have a little more time. :)

meleah rebeccah said...

okay, that was hilarious!

Janna said...

meleah: Good! :)