Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blueness, greenness, whatever....

Still heartbroken and swimming in the deep end of a swimming pool of blue-ness.
I keep forgetting to change the pool's filter, which might end up being important if I plan to keep peeing in it.

Forget I said that.

How the heck have you guys been?
I haven't posted in almost a week, which is weird for me.
Nobody seemed concerned, which was also kinda weird and sad. Sort of like when you wait twenty minutes for a good parking spot and it's snatched up at the last minute by a guy dressed in a flamingo suit who keeps singing Beatles songs an octave higher than he should.
Not that that's ever happened to me.

My brain feels like bleach mixed with fake jello, mixed with that powdery stuff you find on moth wings.
There might also be some garlic.

Leave a comment.
Tell me something.


whall said...

I am the eggman

They are the eggmen

I am the whallrus.

Goo goo Janna

nonamedufus said...

Good to have you back Janna. Now I can get my daily fix again. You left a great comment on my blog but here's the thing. I have a problem where Blogger comments sometimes show up instead of Disqus. When you leave your comment in Blogger it doesn't show up in the blog. Could you keep clicking till you get to Disqus comments then leave your comment again?

P.S. What is "fake"jello?

Monkey Man said...

Of course you were missed. Specially on Friday when you pithy 55 wasn't there to give us a chuckle. Welcome back.

Janna said...

whall: O-bla-di, O-bla-da. Life goes on. Sometimes.

nonamedufus: I'd love to, except I don't know what you mean by "keep clicking til you get to Disqus." What's Disqus? Where do I click? What does that mean? What's the average air velocity of a swallow? Why did the dinosaurs die?
P.S. Fake jello is artificially sweetened.

MonkeyMan: Thank you! Unless you have a lisp, and meant to say "pissy" instead of "pithy".

Shelly said...

I'm so far behind in my blog reading. Forgive me, please! ;)

Janna said...

Shelly: I'm behind too. We should both hire cute guys to follow us around and read blog posts to us while we're doing other things. And if it's hot, they could fan us with palm branches and bring us cold drinks.

Shelly said...

Janna, what a great idea! I'll start holding auditions immediately! :)