Thursday, August 18, 2011

Also, Oprah and I never shared fondue recipes

Things I may have forgotten to mention to the tabloids:

1. I never actually dated Sean Connery, though I did watch Goldfinger about 7,326 times, so it sort of counts.

2. The rare tropical disease I mentioned is actually a chronic inability to tolerate reality TV.

3. Plaid annoys me.

4. So do argyle socks.

5. I'm not actually famous.


Brian Miller said...

plaid was the color of my college...ok tartan but same thing...

i never dated sean either but watched bond films till the tape melted...

G-Man said...

Do you expect me to talk Goldfinger?
No Mr. Bond...I expect you To Die!
But not before reading The talented Janna's Friday Flash 55!
You are REALLY famous !!!
Thanks for playing, You are like a a Hot Out Of The Grease Cinnemon-Sugar doughnut from an Orchard.
Trust me...NOTHING is better than that!

G-Man said...

Have a Kick Ass Week-End!!

Monkey Man said...

You're not famous?? Then what the heck am I doing here?

Janna said...

Brian: Plaid is ok if it's a guy wearing a kilt. Bonus points if he has no underwear.

G-Man: Donuts are best when they're hot out of the grease. :)

G-Man: you too!

MonkeyMan: Surprise!

Doctor FTSE said...

Bonus points for this fine 55! If you like mens' underwear, you might like mine . . (my 55, Janna, my 55!)

Mama Zen said...

Are you sure you're not famous?

Daydreamertoo said...

Well, if you're not famous yet, expect it to happen at any time. After all, someone famous (Andy Warhol) once said: "Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame" lol
Great 55

Pheromone Girl said...

You're famous to ME. And I'll share in the dating-Sean-Connery fantasy (I did, after all, name my son Sean...)

Janna said...

DoctoreFTSE: Well, maybe your underwear is nice too. There's always hope.

MamaZen: Positive. If I was famous, I'd get a lot more blog comments.

Daydreamertoo: I'm 41 already; my fifteen minutes may have passed me by!

PheromoneGirl: Awww. :)

Morning said...

but I believe that you are blogging famous for your unique writing on 55.

bless your weekend,

Janna said...

Morning: If only that was true. But thank you anyway. :)