Thursday, July 7, 2011

When horticultural OCD strikes....

One lonely leaf
Just an ugly shade of brown
His germaphobic belief:
"There are germs on the ground!
I'm afraid to waver;
Every germ's too small to see.
Certainly I'm safer
Staying here upon the tree.
Maybe I'll forget
(Don't remind me, please!)
That the wind may get me yet
Full of some airborne disease."



Monkey Man said...

When you start counting germs...that's real OCD. Kind of like counting words. Are all of us who write 55's OCD?

nonamedufus said...

To sum up your poem: Leaf me alone.

Brian Miller said...

haha...the fear of leaving is a huge phobia...oh wait we are talking about germs....achooo!

Janna said...

MonkeyMan: There are exactly 4,772 germs on your left mouse button. (Not mine. Yours.)
Friday is a good day to be OCD.

nonamedufus: I can't tell if you're BARKing up the wrong tree or BRANCHing out....

Janna said...

Brian: Gesundheit!

Anonymous said...


G-Man said...

You are like finding a full packet of Aloe Kleenex in your pocket when feeling a sneeze coming on.
Thanks for playing(Food Free too)
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

hedgewitch said...

Another strange seedling from the jannaverse--full of Green energy.

nonamedufus said...

Janna: Boy you really get to the root of the problem, don't you.

Janna said...

Grace: Yay!

G-Man: Huh... you're right, this one WAS food-free, wasn't it? Wow!

hedgewitch: Green energy, huh? I hope that's a good thing.

nonamedufus: I think my problem STEMs from a BUDding case of Dutch Elm Disease. Or it could just be a headache. Time will tell.

Steve Bailey said...

I enjoyed this poem... and I washed my hands three times while typing this comment.

Janna said...

Steve: Be sure to sanitize the keyboard when you're done!

Steve Isaak said...

Still chuckling over this one. =)