Monday, July 4, 2011

I'd have written a more interesting post, but my horse smashed an SUV into the finance building....

Need to procrastinate more often? Need a convenient excuse to explain why you were three hours late or accidentally lost four thousand dollars?
No problem.

Just use this Emergency Excuse Generator:

My favorites so far:

"There was a lizard in the bathroom."
"My truck ran out of cyanide trisulfate."
"I had to dig a tunnel through the highway so I could bury a deceased chinchilla."
"The executive director bit me."
"My bicycle ran out of coolant."
"The sprinkler system in the bathroom burned out."
"I had to clean the plutonium tetraoxide stabilizer of my Segway."
"My hamster had a mental breakdown."


00dozo said...

What ever happened to, "The dog ate my homework"? Too easy and cliche, I know.

I actually had that happen to me but it wasn't my homework - it was a legal document. In hindsight, it saved me a bunch of money.


nonamedufus said...

00dozo, nowadays it's the dog ate my smart phone. C'mom, get with it.

Janna said...

00dozo: The dog ate your legal document?

nonamedufus: Since I have neither a dog nor a smart phone, I'll have to stick with "The cat ate my already paper-thin shred of dignity."